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                                      Helping artists book more gigs, play better venues, and earn more money.


                                      Our mission: give every artist access to free tools, education, and support so they can grow their music careers on their own terms.


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                                      Jarred Goldner - 1200x800

                                      Jarred Goldner

                                      Director of SET
                                      Craig Rector | Marketing Director

                                      Craig Rector

                                      Marketing Director
                                      Jeff Rosenfeld | SVP, Product and Technology

                                      Jeff Rosenfeld

                                      SVP, Product and Technology
                                      Gabi Arnona

                                      Gabi Arnona

                                      Business Development Representative
                                      Sarah Gallaway

                                      Sarah Galaway

                                      Business Development Representative

                                      What Artists Are Saying

                                      NextSong has been an awesome tool for audience engagement at our shows. We've used it to have real bonding interactions with the audience, see who our biggest fans are, and make a lot more money in tips than we would have otherwise. We highly recommend it!
                                      Travelin' Jed
                                      I’ve been using NextSong for about six months and I can’t believe how easy it is to use. My first night I made nearly $200 in tips! If there’s a downside, I don’t know what it is . . . NextSong will change the way you perform!
                                      Benny Chadwick
                                      NextSong’s customer support is through the roof. They make you feel like you’re part of their company and everything you say matters. Can't say enough about how excited we are to be part of this growing application.
                                      Bedlam Band

                                      Who Owns The Relationship With Your Fans?

                                      Facebook, Spotify, YouTube, TikTok, all know exactly who your fans are. The question is, do you? Learn the strategies to develop a direct fan relationship.

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